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If you wish to adopt a cat from us you must produce a letter from your vets confirming you are a responsible owner. This is in place of home-checks.

All cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

The cats are not free, there is a Donation requirement of £120 to reimburse the Fund. This is not refundable.

We cannot home south of Birmingham

Max, Male - Seal point – DOB 28.06.07

Mia, Female – Choc point – DOB 17.09.08

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SKADI is a beautiful Siamese X Himalayan girl looking for a quiet indoor home and a second chance. She was bullied by the other cats in her previous home and has spent over 2 years hiding under a bed, only venturing out as far as her food bowl and litter tray. Because of this lifestyle, she is over-weight and nervous of meeting new people. She needs a new family who are willing to build up her confidence and continue to help her lose weight and build muscle tone.

When she came into temporary foster care, she hid under the bed for two days but soon began to come out for food and fuss when called. After only a week she has claimed the top of the bed and is happiest sleeping on or next to her fosterer! She is very fussy and talkative when she wants food or fuss (that will be the Siamese in her!).

Although her previous family had young children, we feel she would be happiest in an adult-only home.


Skadi is on a low-calorie diet and will need careful portion-control to help her lose weight. We have been hiding part of her food allowance around the room so she has to forage, stretch or jump to reach it, which stimulates her mind and helps to strengthen her muscles. We are also using puzzle-feeders to give her a challenge! Once in a normal home environment where she can move around a house, Skadi should slim-down and tone-up nicely.

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